The colourED gap…

Ukuhamba kukubona. For a young guy who grew up in Eastern Cape, a province largely dominated by black Xhosa speaking people, a change of provinces has been such a eye opener. I left in Eastern Cape for Western Cape which is more diverse and totally different from my home province.

I always had strong views on racism and inequalities. Well, those views were mostly based on things i read and saw on the news, things i was taught at school and stories my mom shared with me. But above all, I grew up in a ‘poor’ area which showed a huge potential of birthing an unequal society. Rich people were normal civil servants. But they were better than most of us or rather they made other families look and feel inferior.

Anyway, poverty and inequities in rural South Africa is a topic for another day. What really got me writing this piece is the gap that apartheid created amongst us (previously disadvantaged South Africans). The relationship between black, coloured and Indian South Africans is not what it should be. In WC in particular, black and coloured people are not seeing eye-to-eye in a lot of issues. The then enemy played us all. They succeeded in their game.

White people misled coloureds of the WC and made them feel like they were better than blacks. In a farm, for example, a white man would be a boss, coloured man a foreman and a black man a lazy slave that can’t even speak Afrikaans properly. In doing so the coloured race was made to feel important. Because not all coloureds could be foremen, those that could be thought they were better than others. The foremen class is similar to what is called the black elite nowadays. You are taught greed and hatred towards your own people.

The last kick of a dying horse is evidently strong. When the enemy saw that they were losing power they came up with one last strategy that would make them remain the better race. They set down and said ” let’s ┬ámake sure they’re divided after their victory”. Up to this day we are still divided. There is big gap between us. The gap is coloured… the gap is not pink, it’s not green, it can’t be blue. The enemy painted the gap between the disadvantaged races of South Africa with the colour of hatred.


(The follow up piece will be more direct)